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The Louis Unisex Salon is an exclusive Global Circle of Beauty Talents.

Louis Salon  is a American international chain of hairdressing salons founded in the California USA in 1990 by Peter Louis. Louis Salon has become the authority for discerning people around the world to rely on to have their Beauty needs met. In all our Members and Partners, we look for Excellence across the board, passion for their work, and genuine desire to give the “gift of Beauty”.

4000 Salons in 90 cities in the World passed the demanding Louis Unisex Salon accreditation process and are now forming the exclusive global Circle of the Louis Unisex Salon. Anywhere in the world, you are assured to experience the same premium quality service in a select environment, with a personal that speaks English if you desire to.

Benefits of Hair & Beauty Industry Business

The hair & beauty salon business is rarely the first option consider when they start evaluating any business. But, when they learn more, they find that hair & beauty industry is like no other.

Hair & beauty is an industry that is

  • All Cash business.

  • One time investment

  • Low Manpower cost, low operating cost.

  • Recession proof

  • (how hard recession hit,

  • People can’t stop haircuts/ colour etc)

  • 365 days revenue

  • Negligible seasonality - 12 month business

  • Is relevant in all community and economic climate.

  • Is a fundamental service, a basic necessity to all.

  • Doesn’t change or get obsolete with technology upgrades.

  • Have, low non-perishable inventory requirements.

  • Cannot be outsourced.

  • Is about making people look and feel good about themselves.

  • Very low competition – Social Barrier.

Why Louis Unisex Salon

It gives an entrepreneur the best of both worlds – the ability to own their franchise business, and ongoing access to support in marketing, advertising, recruiting, retention, training, management, and business. Planning. In addition, they have the power of a national brand working for them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to bring them more business.


The ongoing business relationship we provide within the Louis Unisex Salon franchise includes the service, the products, and trademarks, as well as the entire business concept itself from marketing strategy, plan, Standard Operating Procedure, systems, formats, audits, billing software, training, quality control, ongoing assistance, guidance and supervision. In short, it provides small business (the franchisee) with the tools of big business (provided by the franchisor).

Start up Support

  • Location assistance / Site approval.

  • Salon design & constructions (Turnkey construction salon by empaneled architect of (Louis Unisex Salon)

  • Legal Obligation / license procurement


Franchise Business Operations

  • Pre-opening and going operational assistance to franchisees

  • Implements and assists with all operational programs and procedures, including the First salon Opening program

  • Schedules personalized visits to existing salons

  • Conducts regularly scheduled phone calls to discuss service, retail and training needs

  • Hosts the annual franchise Convention for all franchisees



  • Provides in house training on Hair dressing and beauty skills.

  • Trains on customer service and salon operations.

  • Tie up with top Hair & beauty industry leaders to train on current trends and techniques

  • Grand Opening Ceremony – Our PR company will organize the grand opening day for your salon.

  • POS – Billing Software – We have a billing software which we have taken from the world largest salon software company. We will share the same software with you for your billing.


Highly innovative/irresistible marketing offer like “Free pick & drop” & “life time hair cut free.



 Employee welfare and recognition

  1. Staff is retained well if they work for a bigger group than a individual shop

  2. Annual Meeting & picnic for recognizing the hair dresser, beautician & manager. In salon & outstation trainings for hair dresser

        & Skin therapist.


​Franchise Recurring Cost

In all the three models, franchisee gets the rights to use the brand name, systems & Process & billing software.


Model 1*.

 Franchisee invests & Franchisee runs the operations. Franchisee will take care of all the operational expenses like Rent, Salary, Electricity, Telecom, Maintenance, Salon Consumption, etc. and will pay 5% of revenue or Rs.60000/- Fix Royalty Per Month, Whichever is Higher to the Company  monthly fee paid by franchisee would be far less than the business generated by franchisee by of brand name, systems & process, support etc.

Model 2*.

 Franchisee invests & Company(Louis Salon team) run the operations, Louis Salon will take care of all the operational expenses like All Expenses Rent, Salary, Electricity, Telecom, Maintenance, Salon Consumption, etc. and  company will pay minimum guarantee of 24% of total franchise investment Amount per Year.

 *Details in Franchise agreement


Franchisee Steps to Opening

  1. Initial Franchisee Inquiry Made by prospective partner.

  2. Prospective partner receives franchise Kit.

  3. Read all detailed franchise Kit.

  4. Complete the franchise form & Purchase the due diligence license fee only 5 lacs

  5. Prospective partner receives the due diligence kit and prepares for discovery day.

  6. Prospective partner meets the “New Business Development Manager” on the discovery day.

  7. Interview call with Director.

  8. Discovery Day – Prospective partner visits a salon and runs the business for 1 day.

  9. Prospective partner & Louis Unisex Salon Mutually decide on agreement.

  10. Franchisee Agreement is Signed & Franchisee fee payment is made.

  11. Franchisee shortlist the site and gets an approval from Louis Unisex Salon.

  12. Architect is assigned & turnkey project given to architect after approval of Salon Design.

  13. 2 Key person of franchisee gets 2-3 week training at certified Salon of Louis Unisex Salon.

  14. New Staff recruitment by franchisee.

  15. 1 Week Training of new staff by Louis Unisex Salon at franchisee premises.

  16. Salon ready for inaugurations.

  17. Grand opening of Salon. /

Download this file for complete information


FOFO Model Louis Unisex salon Franchise Requirement: -

Area/Size of Shop /Salon Store                                               : 500 Sq. ft. To 5000 Sq. ft.

Investment Cost (Interior, Products, Operation Cost)         : Rs.5000/ Sq. ft.

license fee only 5 lacs                                                                : Rs. 500,000/-

Software Fee                                                                               : Rs. 100,000/ Per Logins

Agreement Time                                                                         : 5 Year


​For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: ............................. (India Only )or fill out the following form
Apply For Franchise 

Thanks! Message sent.

Head Office
Head Office
​Louis Salon Corporation

CHS. LTD, Twinkle Apartments, B / 101, Lokhandwala

Complex Rd, Andheri West, Mumbai,

Maharashtra 400053

Mobile Number:          +91-9891127061

Mobile Number:          +91-9289475487 

Email ID Mail: 

Email ID Mail:  

Website Address         (USA)

Website Address         https://www.louissaloncompany/         (London)

Website Address                   (India)                          

Website Address



Niral Patel

"This is an extremely good franchise with an amazing and polite staff. The services are upto the mark. I would love to visit here more. "


Neha Gupta

The atmosphere was very spa-like and the staff were all very friendly and professional.Specially I would like to mention names of practitioner Nazima, she is absolutely brilliant at her work. I would absolutely recommend Louis Unisex Salon and their staff.


Sweta Sharma

"I am Sakira satisfied with the services offered and have recommended quite a few to Louis Unisex Salon. Staff is very hospitable and warm "


Manish Khurana

The atmosphere was very spa-like and the staff were all very friendly and professional.
Specially I would like to mention names of practitioner Nazima, she is absolutely brilliant at her work. I would absolutely recommend Louis Unisex Salon  and their staff.


Ashok Aggarwal

"A good opportunity for those who want to keep their skin looking young, fresh and maintain it with their guidance and hence feel confident. " 


Mahalaxmi Iyer

"Thank you so much! In just one session I can feel the difference in my hair growth. My confidence level is definitely up.Thank you for this amazing gift too! This is a bonus. I get a smooth skin & a wonderful gift. How lucky am I! . "

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